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Squiggle is startup funded and incubated at Night Labs, a creator-driven venture studio that builds venture-scale businesses around some of the top digital creators on the planet. Night also manages 30+ of the Top 100 Youtub’ers, Tik Tok’ers, Instagram personalities and Twitch streamers. When you work at a Night Labs company, you work for a start-up with venture-scale speed and a massive distribution advantage from the get go. To date, we’ve launched four venture backed businesses with top operators across food, gaming, marketplaces, fintech and more. This new stealth company Squiggle is their latest incubation, and we’re building out the founding team!

What Is Squiggle All About?

We believe that anyone can be emboldened to create digital art that supports self-expression and wellbeing. We want the creation of art to take someone through a journey of discovery, wonder, and delight. In partnership with YouTube creator Moriah Elizabeth, who has a strong and vibrant art community, we seek to create an encouraging and motivating space that makes digital art feel accessible, rewarding, and provides human connection. We are just beginning our own journey to design and build this brand new experience - if this journey peaks your interest, we want to hear from you!

ABOUT the role

We are looking for our very first Engineering leader to help us define and bring to life our vision for this unique experience exclusively on mobile. We are looking for someone who loves digitally native mediums and tools and is fascinated by ways they can be brought together to create new definitions of digital art. Bringing together experiences that are fun to engage with session after session, combined with ways to help our artists form bonds with other budding artists and Moriah, is at the heart of how we want to connect with our audience. You will be expected to have a strong point of view and be able to bring others in and build upon broader feedback. This is an exciting opportunity to join as one of the founding members of the team, reporting directly to the CEO, and building a brand new mobile experience from the ground up.

What Will Your Responsibilities Look Like?

No two days are alike in the life of a start-up, but you can expect to be engaged with:

  • Navigating between strategic greenfield exploration and getting your hands dirty with tactical, iterative development to align with user needs and the growth of the company
  • Making buy vs. build decisions that supports the stage of the company and allows the experience to easily scale
  • Determining the right architecture and platforms to support the vision for the end-to-end mobile experience
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation to partner with product and design requirements
  • Engaging in leadership discussions that impacts the who we are, what are trying to achieve, and how we are going to get it done together
  • Working directly with the CEO and rest of the leadership team to initially design and deliver a core experience that provides a compelling first time user experience, engaging ongoing art creation capabilities, and mechanisms to drive sense of achievement and community participation
  • Collaborating on the longer term goals and roadmap of the future experience


What’s in Your Toolkit?

A healthy dose of passion as well as a desire to bring calm to ambiguity is at the core of someone who would be ideal for this role. In addition, we are looking you to bring in your learnings from the following experiences:

  • Building something from an idea from zero, to beta, to launch
  • Establishing development best practices that can scale to an entire engineering team
  • Iterating quickly on customer-facing digital experiences based in mobile app products, including balancing early functionality with ongoing experience improvements
  • Strategic thinking on holistic app frontend and backend architecture and platform decisions that support both iOS and Android development
  • Directly testing and validating your own code and end-to-end experiences
  • Working within Agile methodology
  • Evaluating feedback from stakeholders and incorporating them into your thinking
  • Sharing and bringing understanding to technical constraints and capabilities to inform design decisions
  • Confidently communicating and presenting your ideas and work - able to provide rationale and objectively justify decisions, while succinctly taking different audiences on your thought journey
  • Willingness to challenge the status quo and open to coming up with and trying new ideas - be a thought leader and aspirational subject matter expert
  • Building and managing a team of engineers, both in-house and external

As we get to know you, we are excited to get more insight into real work you’ve shipped, from your initial approach, to learnings along the way, to the choices you made as development went on.





$125-175K + 0.1-1.0%


  • 📍 Remote - USA




We believe that anyone can be emboldened to create digital art that supports self-expression and wellbeing.