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Scoot Science
Scoot Science

Scoot Science is an ocean data analytics startup. We are a team of ocean scientists, software engineers, and agricultural economists. We're focused on quantifying the impact of climate change on ocean assets, particularly the coastal aquaculture industry. We're consolidating siloed and proprietary ocean data from aquaculture farms with the surrounding oceanographic and meteorological data to give ocean farmers the best insights and forecasts of how their local ocean conditions impact their crop. We're also leveraging that same in-situ ocean data to model the financial implications of increasingly frequent ocean perils associated with climate change (like marine heatwaves). Our goal is to use the best possible ocean modeling to unlock new forms of risk transfer and investment into traditionally overlooked and underserved ocean businesses.

Why Join?

Our team has doubled in size over the past year. We need more engineers to help build a completely novel ocean data management, visualization, and operational decision making tool.

You will have a huge impact on our company. We are a tight knit group that works hard and takes care of each other.

We are a team of domain experts. We have assembled a truly unique team that is passionate about the ocean and the impacts of climate change on ocean businesses. We are building the tools to help ocean businesses make REAL operational decisions.

The Team:

Each member of the engineering team has a high degree of autonomy to design and implement new features. We do not employ strict sprint cycles and have space for creative development projects. We hold a weekly demo day and as needed feature specific collaborative coding sessions. We are always trying to improve our established software product, SeaState, as well as build out new functionality. We typically push to production on a regular cadence.

Technical Challenges:

We work with a wide variety of data sources and types - from in situ ocean sensors, to manually entered farm data, to gridded model output. All of this data has geospatial and temporal significance. We need to allow our clients to inspect their ocean conditions at their farm, across neighboring farms, and around their larger regional geography. They also need to understand how their ocean conditions are changing year to year and adapt their operations as climate change accelerates.


  • Building the infrastructure (DB to user features) of our forecasting modules. Incorporating analysis routines from our ocean scientists and analysis team into SeaState.
  • Building an aquaculture farm comparison tool that enables annual reporting and visualization and identification of anomalous ocean conditions.
  • Fortifying SeaState and making it a robust platform that is containerized, scalable, and easily deployable at any farm site around the world

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ABOUT the role

As a Data Engineer at Scoot, you’ll be a generalist first and foremost working within a small team of experienced people. In this position you'll be responsible for helping build all components of data ingress and egress for production and internal systems. This includes everything from designing and evaluating system architectures to writing tests and identifying edge cases. Your work will support and scale existing products and contribute to the research and development of new products. With the rest of the engineering team, you’ll have a great deal of freedom and responsibility to define how the product works and how it is developed.

Within 1 month you’ll:

  • Onboard and learn our internal communication and project management workflows
  • Set up your remote work environment and access all of our tools and resources
  • Learn the landscape of our existing dashboard architecture, data warehouse, and toolboxes

Within 3 months you’ll:

  • Be comfortable maintaining our data ingestion infrastructure
  • Build new ETL processes for oceanographic and proprietary data sets
  • Work with the engineering team to develop scalable ETL and CI/CD pipelines

Within 6 months you’ll:

  • Support analysis environments and internal tools for Scoot’s data analysis and ocean science team
  • Assist in operationalizing novel modeling techniques
  • Be responsible for developing and maintaining large parts of the data warehouse
  • Constantly research new engineering techniques and advocate for novel solutions to connect an understanding of ocean change to customer needs

Tech Stack:

  • DevOps Cloud Services: AWS - Lambda, S3, EC2, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, RDS, EKS, Cloudwatch
  • Developer Tools: Kubernetes, Docker, Github, Jenkins, IDEs
  • Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript
  • Web Frameworks: Node, React, GraphQL
  • Data Engineering: RESTful APIs, Apache Airflow, Dask, Geospatial data formats - NetCDF, Zarr, PostGIS, GDAL
  • Database: PostgreSQL, Firebase, SQL, TimescaleDB
  • Data Science Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, GeoPandas, Xarray, Jupyter Hub/Lab, JSON, Plotly


  • BS or graduate degree in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent experience
  • Extensive hands-on experience developing and scaling web-based applications, preferably in a SaaS environment
  • Deep knowledge of some of our tech stack, like Python, Postgres, GraphQL, Airflow, Github, K8s, Jenkins, serverless computing frameworks (e.g., AWS Lambda), and RESTful APIs
  • Cloud DevOps experience, especially in AWS infrastructure
  • Experience with geospatial data pipelines or relevant tools (e.g., netcdf, zarr, xarray, dask, PostGIS, GDAL, etc.). Comfort working from the command line
  • Ability to weigh relative costs and benefits of development time, computational resources, etc, of various technical approaches
  • Creativity and the ability to solve complex problems without a roadmap
  • Emphasis in writing clear, well documented, and modular code
  • Proven experience working in a collaborative, remote team environment
  • Recognition that work is a marathon and that quality of work time is more important than quantity

Still interested but not quite an exact match?

We’re always looking for a motivated A+ generalist. Let us know how you think you could fit in at Scoot Science! We keep track of all applicants for future opportunities too.

Average response time:

1-2 days







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Scoot Science is building a virtual window into the ocean for marine stakeholders through ocean data management, analysis, and forecasting. We give our customers a critical edge for marine operations, risk management, and long term planning, by combining the best available ocean and atmospheric data with in house analytics and visualization.











Santa Cruz, CA, United States