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RevvUp is building the future of car ownership with a D2C application that enables people to finally take back control of their finances. We are developing the first mobile app for car loan refinancing and a marketplace for trade-in of a car (think Kayak for instant car sale offers). People want ways to save every month and they often times don't know the best way to do this, which is where we come in.

Because each household will own nearly 19 cars during their lifetime, having a smart solution to manage the finances for these assets is critical. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist today. The tools and knowledge that people have today about car management is minimal and the $2T market is ripe for an overhaul. Problems with car often care create massive economic difficulties for people.

This is not your usual startup trying to solve Silicon Valley problems — we are focused on providing elegant solutions to the outdated and underserved auto market. Every car owner needs a far better solution to have a more positive experience.

What makes our approach different than others? Simple, we focus on bringing in the best people and supporting them to do their best work. That's it. In the technology space where most tools/infrastructure are easily accessible, it means that our edge is our people.

We’ve recently raised a pre-seed round from Crosslink Capital, a top tier investor behind companies like Chime, Casper, Pandora, and Postmates. Our leaders are seasoned veterans in scaling teams and we are ready to bring in the right people to build something amazing.

ABOUT the role

We're looking for a hungry, thoughtful, and hands-on technical leader who will be responsible for leading and overseeing all the technical development and architecture of the business. Your role will evolve over time, moving from being deep in the code to being responsible for growing and leading the engineering team and all the technical strategic direction of the business. You will help shape the technical vision of our long term strategy and culture of the team. You’ll be working hand-in-hand with the CEO on the growth of the business and be given a ton of ownership to execute on our vision.

The Stack

It's still early days, so you will be responsible for choosing our technical path forward. At the moment, our MVP is in:

  • ReactJS, Javascript, Python3
  • We run serverless and containers on AWS while accessing our serverless PostgreSQL.
  • We ship continuously - we test heavily with Jest, Cypress, and we deploy our site every time a pull request merges to master.

The Compensation

  • Equity - 5% - 7%
  • Cash - $120k - $180k
  • Healthcare - medical, dental, and vision policies.
  • Time off - flexible vacation policy to encourage people to get out and see the world.
  • Goodies - a new MacBook Pro and whatever hardware and software you need to get the job done.
  • Learning - learning and development opportunities for you to grow your skills and career (e.g. iOS courses in Udemy, O'Reilly books on React).
  • Seat at the table - come to work every day knowing your efforts will have a material impact in shaping the direction of the company.

We’re an equal opportunity employer (EOE).

Diversity at Revv Up means building a team that is rich across all boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age and thinking style. We welcome all backgrounds, life experiences, and worldviews as this is the catalyst for the rapid evolution of our product and our organization. Diversity allows us to tackle new challenges, embrace change, make well-informed decisions, and ultimately work in a place that is representative of the world we live in.


What makes the ideal candidate tick?

  • Motivated self starter - Being an entrepreneur/intrapreneur is in your DNA and something that you pursue in every role you hold.
  • Passionate - Cares deeply about their work and its impact. Passion is energizing and infectious... when we want to motivate each other to do our best work, it starts with passion.
  • Team player - We win & lose together as a team. You need to go out and execute independently as a self starter, but understand that the team wins at the end of the day.
  • Honest communication - You wear your heart on your sleeve and understand how to communicate openly with senior leadership through the ups & downs. Team relationships take work and you know that communication is a core part of that.
  • Thoughtful - You care deeply about our team, product, impact - and the choices we make each day are critical, which means that you think through them carefully each step of the way.
  • Takes (calculated) risks - You understand that startups are inherently risky. We must take risks to be successful, and it's ok to fail so long as the risks we're taking are calculated.
  • Growth mindset - Being okay with not knowing something — we can learn, change, and adapt to new information. No one is perfect and as we build this company we all need to learn and grow together.

The Skills

You will spearhead everything technical at RevvUp. That means you'll be in charge of recruiting, management, team culture, collaboration, and partnering closely with Product. You'll be able to execute on many of the following - and those you don't know about, you have a path to figuring out.

  • 6-8+ years of hands-on software development experience with a deep knowledge of architecture, planning, and bringing digital products to scaling maturity from zero.
  • Proven track record in leadership (2-3+ years) - both hiring, managing, and motivating technical teams.
  • Significant experience working in fast paced environments with limited resources.
  • Strong ability to work cross functionally within an org and a demonstrated experience in clear communication and relationship building internally.
  • You are well versed and experienced in modern tech stacks, and can oversee front end, back end, and mobile app development teams.
  • Can propose tradeoffs and provide risk assessments to stakeholders.
  • Motivated self starter who is comfortable making strategic decisions without all the answers, and eager to achieve results in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment.
  • Comfortable leading technical and product teams using the fundamentals of agile development.

Average response time:

< 24 hrs





$120-180K + 5-7%


  • 📍 New York, NY, USA




Building the world's first car management tool for customers to take control of their vehicle finances.











New York, NY, United States