*If you're hiring. Referring is free 😎

Our Bounty Fee

Your proposed bounty price is what bounty hunters will see on our board, and what they will be paid (in full) if they refer someone whom you hire.

Talentdrop fees are 25% of your proposed bounty.

Setting a Bounty Price

If you’re posting a specific role for a bounty, how you price it is totally up to you.

Recruiting is a hard problem - this price should reflect what you feel you need to spend, in order to get this hard problem solved by someone who can help you.

General Candidates

We're constantly in touch with great talent who might not be an exact match for a posted bounty, but who we think you'd want to meet anyway.

If these general candidates turn into a hire for one of your non-Talentdrop-posted roles, we price using default bounties of:

$15,000 for a technical or leadership (Head of, VP) role, and
$5,000 for a business role, with the same 25% markup policy as for bounty hires.

Case Study

You place a bounty of $10,000 to fill a role.

Scenario A: A bounty hunter fills it for you. You would owe $12,500 total, $10,000 of which goes to the bounty hunter after a 90-day escrow.

Scenario B: Your role is filled directly by our Talentdrop network. We would only collect the bounty amount and waive the 25% fee.