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Senior Software Engineer, Full-Stack


At our core, Pallet is a design and data-driven company. We're looking for a full-time software engineer to join our early team. Whether it be improving the existing site, creating new features or helping design the roadmap, you'll be shipping code every day to a rapidly growing userbase. We're looking for an experienced engineer who can build and iterate quickly, work across our stack, and help scale our product.

We believe that the future of hiring is distributed and community driven. Individuals are finding connection, education and content through digital communities. Whatever the medium, talent is congregating in communities at a scale we've never seen before. As a result, these communities have become exceedingly valuable resources for companies and recruiters to tap into. However, when it comes to hiring, these groups are constrained by janky, analogue tools— a hiring channel in slack, or a jobs feature at the end of a newsletter.

Pallet is the recruiting OS that unlocks this talent. We build recruiting tools for creators and communities that help their members to get hired. Our first product is a job board, but that's just the start. Currently, we're fortunate to partner with some of the best people in the space, and our early partners include Lenny Rachitsky, Femke, Packy McCormick and Sahil Bloom (amongst many others). In addition, we're backed by world class investors and have raised over 6 million dollars in seed funding.

ABOUT the role

You should be ready to plan, develop and implement readable, maintainable and efficient production-ready code. As one of our first few engineers, you'll have a direct hand in shaping our roadmap and future features. Our stack is as follows: NextJS/Typescript frontend, connected to a Django backend with a GraphQL API.


  • 4+ yrs. of professional experience building and maintaining a production codebase.
  • Proficient in software development best practices: code reviews, version control, and testing.
  • Ability to move at speeds normal people would find impossible.
  • Our stack is as follows: NextJS/Typescript frontend, connected to a Django backend with a GraphQL API.
  • Ambitious and competitive, we're taking on a nearly trillion dollar industry and we want someone crazy enough to believe that's possible.
  • You respect and honor people from all walks of life. Pallet is an inclusive team and we treat people with respect regardless of their background.
  • (Optional) Background in devops and infrastructure - we're looking for someone who can scale our product from thousands to hundreds of thousands of users. That said, we're looking across the stack.
  • (Optional) A great poker player - Friday nights at Pallet are poker nights.
  • (Ideally) Based in NYC. Remote available in exceptional cases.

Why you should join:

  • We're taking on a massive industry with a new approach. The challenge is monumental, but in a space that hasn't seen innovation in a long time — we plan on upending it from the ground up.
  • Be an early employee at a high potential startup. As one of our first employees, you'll have profound impact within the company. You'll be directly responsible for the team's successes, and will reap the benefits that come along with it.
  • Work on a product that will improve lives. You will be directly supporting creators, communities and talented individuals to help move the industry of recruiting away from the nepotistic pipelines that have dominated it over the last century.
  • You'll join a close-knit team of smart, talented, and motivated individuals. We're a team of former employees at companies like SpaceX, Peloton, Business Insider, UNICEF and Shipt.
  • Above market rate compensation. We want to work alongside the best people in the world, and don't skimp on compensation.

Why you shouldn't:

  • We're small, so if you'd prefer working in a more structured and established environment, we're probably not the right fit for you. + Life here is fast paced, which we know is not for everyone.
  • You don't like having a high level of responsibility. While we're extremely excited about what we've got on our hands, we won't pretend like we have all of the answers. Design problems will arise, you'll be the authority on solving those problems.
  • You feel that work makes up only a small part of your life. While we respect and understand people who choose to live a more balanced lifestyle, we are maniacal about winning in a competitive space and need teammates who can throw themselves into our mission. The hours are long and the work week goes through Saturday, but we strictly honor that Sunday is a day off for everyone to unwind.

Average response time:

1-2 days





$160-200K + equity


  • eng



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