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Journey is a no-code platform for sales to tell better stories and win more deals. Don't share boring slides or attachments that your audience won't read - create a Journey instead and make your buyer (and their team) happy.

ABOUT the role

You will:

Establish the Journey brand: Broadly, we believe that brand is best defined by your product — especially with a viral product like Journey — but we need to make sure our homepage, logo and overall tone is wonderful and approachable.

Iterate on the Journey experience: The Journey founding thesis is very simple: make Journeys be so amazing they compel the recipient to create Journeys of their own. As such as we must maniacally iterate on the look and feel of what it is like to receive a Journey. Remember when the first iPhone came out and you could two finger zoom to view desktop websites on your phone? We need to unlock that equivalent.

Build a delightful editor: Journey is a horizontal tool and as such onboarding (as a creator of Journeys) must be delightful and direct. We need to hold new users' hands and blow them away with all the possibilities of what you can do with Journey — which is a lot!


Key skills:

Design Systems. We believe Journey is one giant design system. The Editor fuels the Journey experience which fuels the Brand.

As such, we need to create scalable designs that can act as a platform — we do not want to redesign all of Journey just to enable document signatures or a new calendar embed!

Zero to One. We're also very early — you should be comfortable and excited to be a founding member of a well funded early stage company. We are deep in the zero to one process.

Communication. We're a remote first company and believe the future of work is async. We actually believe async can be better than live as tools (like Journey!) get better and better. As such, you should be an awesome written and/or verbal communicator.

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    $125-150K + 0.5-1% equity


    Remote - Global

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Journey helps make presentations act like apps. Journeys help businesses stand out from the crowd with interactive and personalised content.

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