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Gather is a small team right now, and that means each person has an extremely significant role in shaping the vision and dream of the company. However, no one is going to be quite as uniquely situated as you to lead the execution of that dream.

ABOUT the role

In particular, the things on our Head of Product's mind (who also happens to be the author of this listing):

  • How do we enable the future of remote or hybrid work? What kind of research should we be doing now in all of our product verticals to be best prepared to deliver the best customer experience for this use case?
  • How do we emulate the experience of sitting around a table with friends and hanging out? The problem with video chat is that there can only be one person talking at a time, and it's hard to have fluid interactions while only one person can speak at a time.
  • How can we empower users to customize their own experience so it feels more "home-ly"?
  • How do we, broadly, enable real, meaningful, social connection over the internet?
  • Defining and analyzing key metrics that will help inform important product decisions

How do we get there?

  • Comprehensively assessing the platform as it is, envisioning new core features, and improving upon existing ones to improve retention
  • Identifying important questions that will influence short- and long-term product goals
  • Conducting A/B tests to answer these questions
  • Set up and execute user interviews to understand how our audiences interact with the platform and clarify our product priorities
  • Streamlining user flows through various parts of Gather, especially our new user experience


  • Ability to think on your feet and adapt to hard problems
  • Experience working alongside engineers, designers, and customer-facing teams to ship real products
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, and ability to identify and articulate customer pain points
  • Strong UI/UX sense
  • A passion for managing technical products from start to finish
  • And most importantly: a dreamer mentality, and the ability to think outside of the box!
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Gather is a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations just as easily as they would in real life.

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