Referring on Talentdrop

Talentdrop is a talent marketplace that matches talent to a company's needs, in exchange for a reward.

  1. Go to  to see the bounty board.
  2. Pick which role or role(s) you want to explore with your network.
  3. Have a friend or former colleague that sounds like a great fit for a role? Come across someone’s background or portfolio recently who’s a good match? See an opportunity that sounds too good to pass up for yourself?
  4. Click “Refer” and fill out the short form. Hit “Submit.”
  5. Create a free Talentdrop account (if you haven't already done so!). When you log in , you'll see your hunting dashboard, where you’ll always have a pulse on the status of your referrals and your bounty rewards.
  6. 90 days after your candidate starts on the job, you get paid the bounty.
  7. You can make a max of 20 referrals on Talentdrop. Want more? Contact us about becoming a VIP bounty hunter.