Hiring on Talentdrop

Talentdrop is a talent marketplace that matches talent to your company's needs, in exchange for a reward.

  1. Tell us what roles you need help with.
  2. Set a bounty for each role.* See our Pricing Page for more info.
  3. We publish your role and the bounty to our job board.
  4. We promote each role to targeted audiences. We use the Talentdrop network for general roles, where we already trust people to refer high-caliber talent. We also encourage you to share the posting with your broader network.
  5. Anyone can submit a referral, and all are bounty-eligible. Candidates can submit themselves. We also have our own internal talent acquisition team who source for your roles.
  6. We screen candidates first, and only recommend to you those who we think are a good fit.
  7. You only owe the bounty when your new hire starts.
  8. The bounty is refundable for 90 days, in case your new hire doesn’t work out.

* This is what bounty hunters will see on our board, and what they will be paid (in full) if they refer someone whom you hire.Talentdrop fees are 25% of the posted bounty for running the marketplace and vetting candidates.

For example, if you place a bounty of $10,000 to fill a role, and a bounty hunter fills it for you, you would owe $12,500 total, $10,000 of which goes to the bounty hunter after a 90 day escrow.