Get paid to refer great people, including yourself, to great jobs.

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Loved worldwide.

    • The best thing about the product was definitely the bounty! It's incredible to experience the process succeed from the first sourcing outreach to the day your candidate gets an offer to finally the day that Talentdrop remits a giant bounty.

      Jeff Songco
    • I came across Talentdrop while running through YC's directory and it has been a useful platform for me to refer friends and talented individuals within my circle to jobs. One of the Amazing experience I had was to discover that there was a dedicated account manager who constantly communicated with you regarding your referrals and also you can get to see the progressions on your dashboard in real time.

      Chidi Okoye
      Product Manager
    • Talentdrop's referrals are always higher quality than typical inbound applications and we’ve gotten a number of leads each time we’ve posted a role. The best thing about Talentdrop is that it gives us access to candidates whom we wouldn’t have encountered otherwise — which is a game-changer for startups like ours that don’t have robust recruiting processes yet!

      Hejab Malik
      Co-founder, Potion
    • Talentdrop is amazing product and I'm glad to be a part of the team now. I got hired through the Talentdrop website and the process was simple and engaging. I loved the constant check-ins and how great the interaction with the team was throughout the process.

      Adeola Adeyemo
      Founding Engineer, Talentdrop
    • Talentdrop helped us source candidates for a HR position. We had great support from the Talentdrop team and they helped us quickly identify and hire a great candidate. It was nice to have the personal recommendations for a candidate early in the hiring process.

      Evan Goodwin
      CTO, Scoot Science
    • Talentdrop was absolutely instrumental in my job search. The service / team really helped take the guesswork out of a really important decision. Being referred by someone who knows you & your work ethic along with having insight into the some of the hottest startups is key. I couldn’t recommend Talentdrop more!

    • Talentdrop has helped me connect with founders from all walks of life, as well as upping my sourcing game! With the $20K bounty that I received from a placement that I did, I was able to buy my very first car!

      Amanda Mendiola
      Technical Recruiter / Freelance
    • TalentDrop has helped me contact ready to hire employers directly and quickly. My favorite feature of TalentDrop is their clean design and transparent referral bonus to help pick eager employers (and get a bonus!).

      Daniel Fernandez
    • I absolutely love the service and quality of engagement Talentdrop provides me and those in my network. The team at Talentdrop do not make you feel like you are in a giant queue with others, being herded like identical sheep. They acknowledge who you are, specialize and cater to your needs. They have been immensely helpful in helping me find a job that truly fit my needs regarding location, pay, and level. They've also been incredible at finding referrals and qualified candidates across multiple fields for me when I've needed to develop teams across multiple companies and departments. I plan on using them in the future over and over again, and I have referred them to many as well.